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Past clients say…

“Confident Speech has been a step forward to improve my life and my career as a teacher. Now, my students pay more attention, understand me better, and answer my questions the first time. I don’t have to repeat myself!”

Ruth Delrosario, Beginning with Children Charter School

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Confident Speech e-learning programs

Everyone agrees! It can be tricky to pronounce some words in English correctly.  Avoid mistakes with some of the most commonly mispronounced words in English. Our affordable self-study e-learning programs teach you to recognize and correct these common errors!  Internet access is required.  PC and Mac compatible. Easy! Fun! Foolproof!
Each program: $4.70.

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Accent modification: English is your second language

Accent Modification: Level 2 group classes

Discontinued until further notice

The accent modification process (Level 2)

  • Advanced pronunciation instruction
  • Guided instruction with exercises for voice intonation, word stress, and linking
  • Applying your new English patterns to enhance professional communication
  • Over 110 modules of software and recorded exercises assigned to strengthen mastery

Your achievements after completing Level 2

  • People will understand you even more easily when you speak in English.
  • You will typically speak with 50-75% fewer pronunciation errors than before instruction.
  • Your pronunciation of English will be nuanced.
  • Your English will sound smoother and more fluent.
  • You will speak with the uniquely English voice patterns for various kinds of sentences and questions.
  • You will confidently incorporate your improved English into professional, social, and practical communication.

What is included in the Level 2 class

  • 8 classes, each 1.5 hours
  • Personalized approach, with no more than 4 learners per class.
  • All practice materials
  • Post-test measuring your improvement since training started
  • Follow-up with instructor to keep your mastery fresh after course completion
  • A cost-saving price, with results that compare with private instruction.

To register:

  • Call us at (212) 929-0384