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Confident Speech e-learning programs

Everyone agrees! It can be tricky to pronounce some words in English correctly.  Avoid mistakes with some of the most commonly mispronounced words in English.  Our affordable self-study e-learning programs teach you to recognize and correct these common errors!  Internet access is required.  PC and Mac compatible. Easy! Fun! Foolproof! 
Each program: $4.70.

Learn more and TRY DEMOS!

Speaking Standard:
Regional Accent and Grammar Modification

Regional accent and grammar modification is for native English speakers who want to make changes in how they speak.  Think about this program, if:

  • Your pronunciation or grammar differs from the mainstream very noticeably.
  • The average listener is distracted by clues that you come from a specific country, region, or background.

Regional accents and grammatical differences are sometimes a problem—but not always.  Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do people have difficulty understanding you?
  • Does the way you speak interfere with your success on the job?
  • Do you experience difficulties communicating socially?

If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, consider regional accent and grammar modification.  You will learn the pronunciation and grammatical patterns of Standard American English.
Mastering Standard American English gives you more options.

  • Your new mainstream speech patterns will be perfect for work and in certain social situations.
  • In other situations, your own familiar variety of English may be more appropriate and comfortable. You will be in control.
  • Communicate confidently in a broader range of professional and social situations.

Accent and/or grammar modification is tailored to your needs. Each program includes:

  • An individual evaluation.
  • Face-to-face instruction by a licensed speech-language pathologist.
  • All practice materials.
  • Assignments for self-directed practice.

These programs vary in length and pricing, depending on your needs and goals. Find out more.

Call us at (212) 929-0384 or contact us by email.