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Confident Speech e-learning programs

Everyone agrees! It can be tricky to pronounce some words in English correctly.  Avoid mistakes with some of the most commonly mispronounced words in English.  Our affordable self-study e-learning programs teach you to recognize and correct these common errors!  Internet access is required.  PC and Mac compatible. Easy! Fun! Foolproof! 
Each program: $4.70.

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About Us: Testimonials

“Confident Speech has been a step forward to improve my life and my career as a teacher. Now, my students pay more attention, understand me better, and answer my questions the first time. I don’t have to repeat myself!”

Ruth Delrosario, Beginning with Children Charter School

“Friends and colleagues seem to more easily understand what I say.  Before, I hated to listen to the recording I made when I was speaking.  Now, I’m OK with listening to what I have said!”

Simon Xu, Apollo Management

“…has improved the performance of my career.  The course was worth the price!”

Marcelo Braga,Engineer, MechoShade Systems

“I notice that people understand me better.  Now, I can hear how other people speak.  Before, I didn’t notice the difference between my speech and theirs.  This is my second course, and I’m planning to come back!”

Anastasia Papadhimitri, DC 37 (Public employee union)

“Thank you for everything!  You were wonderful!  It made me more confident with giving public speeches!”

Maria Aiolova, Architect and Urban Designer, Terreform One

"I would truly recommend Confident Speech to anyone that wants to refine his/her communication skills.  Mr. Leiter applies a methodology that quickly identifies the key areas of improvement and allows the student to start enhancing his/her communication skills early in the process.  In addition, I really enjoyed the practical approach of the classes and the flexibility that Mr. Leiter offers to schedule them based on my availability" 

Arsenio Martinez, A.T. Kearney, Inc.

“As a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in accent modification and speech improvement, I highly recommend Everett Leiter’s self study materials, “50 Words Careful Speakers Avoid,” and “50 Words You Should Never Mispronounce.” These tools are clear, concise and easy to use. Clients will not only benefit from them, but will also enjoy practicing them. In addition, the price can’t be beat!”

Patricia Daniele, Speech-Language Pathologist, Richfield, MN

"Others became more comfortable listening to me. This course will benefit all the presentations I make throughout my career. Thank you!”

Hidetoshi Takeda, financial services

“Very applied course. To the point! Mr. Leiter knows how to find out my problems very fast and how to work on those problems very effectively. I now feel more confident speaking in public.

Great content, great professor, and great experience!”

Emilio Gomez-Villalva, Mason Capital

“Communication skills are critical for my work as a financial analyst.

Everett is very professional, responsive, and dedicated to what he does. He was always willing to take the time to record models and help outside our scheduled lesson time.

I feel that Everett adapted his method to my line of work, as opposed to other speech instructors with whom I worked before, who made me adapt to their method. I feel more confident in my English language skills.and also in my ability to build upon the lessons learned.

I'm sure this course will help me advance in my career.”

Luis Amadeo, CIBC

“I was able to ask specific questions, and the instructor focused on my needs. I found the most helpful teaching method was the individual practice with the instructor. I'm feeling more confident about my English pronunciation, especially during meetings and presentations.”

Jepsiely Guevarez-Cruz, Pfizer Inc.

“I think this was the best course I have ever taken. There are many courses of English, but they are only intended to make people understand and to be able to communicate with others. I think this is the only course that I have seen that is focused on the quality of the speaking.”

Marina Rodriguez, Smurfit-Kappa Cartón de Venezuela

“My co-workers noticed!  It should help other people to understand me better!”

Anastasia Papadhimitri, Legal Assistant

“I’m very grateful for all the attention received during the course and for having worked on all the sounds.”

Vanete Blakely, Hunter-Roberts Interiors

“Highly competent. I should have taken this course earlier.”

Fabien Tremeau, MD

“Everett - Thank you for your help during the past year. I enjoyed the "Aha!" moments, when you pointed out my pronunciation problems that I never knew about before. The improvements in my speech will benefit for the long term. I will definitely refer you to others in NYC who may be interested!”

Lingyun Lou, Deloitte and Touche

“Though belated, I wish to thank you for the useful lesson you gave me the other day. I was very encouraged when many people congratulated my speech at the gala dinner on Thursday, last month .”

(Name withheld)

“People are now able to understand the particular words, where they were difficult to understand before for some people.”

Raghu Gowda, New York City Government

“I feel more comfortable and confident when I speak English.”

Charles Chou, JC Edwards Corp

“You are a patient and honest instructor.  I feel it’s worth the time and money to take the course.  Thanks for the help.”

Qixiang Yao, MTV Networks

“Dear Everett,

I have good news. I had four on-campus interviews, received three offers, and just decided to take an offer of an assistant professor position.

I thank you again for your help. Your suggestions on my interviews were useful in many occasions throughout my job search. During my campus visits I had 1-hour presentations on my research paper, and many people told me they liked it. Working with you I learned about the importance of intonation in spoken English.  I also gained confidence, and both helped me for my presentations.”

N.T., Assistant Professor

“My goal is to speak with little or no accent. I think this class was a giant leap toward achieving that goal! It gave me the confidence that I can reduce my accent after living in the states for fifteen years.”

Dong Han

“Others say my pronunciation has improved a lot!”

Chih-Jie Lee, Engineer

“I improved my pronunciation of American English dramatically. People tell me I have a good accent!”

Stephen D’Errico, Ernst & Young

Individual attention was particularly helpful. The number of mistakes I make has been reduced. People ask me to repeat or paraphrase what I said fewer times than previously. It wasn’t just the training of “sounds.” It also addressed communication problems like the impression that your speech gives. This was the point I liked most.

Now I know the rules of pronunciation. I became more confident about speaking with native English speakers, especially in speeches in front of a number of people.

Daiju Narita , graduate student, Columbia University

"As a senior manager in my company I interact with customers regularly. I needed to improve my accent, which was influenced by my Indian mother tongue. Mr. Leiter worked with me one-on-one, identified the mistakes I was doing and worked with me through extensive practice. I made excellent progress and my American colleagues in the office recognize the improvements I made. I highly recommend Mr. Leiter."

Rao Sanapala

"I strongly recommend this instructor, Everett Leiter, for students wishing to improve their English pronunciation."

Pierre Jean-Noel, M.D.

"My speech is now much clearer, which reduces misinterpretations."

"I recommend the training to anyone that English is not his or her vernacular language."

Chidi Dimgba, Xerox Capital Services (Rochester, NY)

"I liked the fact that all aspects of speaking were covered (intonation, as well as pronunciation). Each session was specifically built to meet my needs. It really helped me!"

Laura Pancera, Italian-English translator (Milan, Italy)

"It is important to communicate knowledge and information in medicine. I am more careful and able to detect my own mistakes while I'm speaking English. Thank you, Everett. I liked working with you and recommend this training for all ESL speaking physicians!"

Serife Karakas, M.D.

"I appreciate Mr. Leiter's thoroughness and perfectionist style."

"Strongly recommend to anyone who needs help with accent reduction or speech improvement."

"Very useful experience. I now have the knowledge, and I am confident that with hard work, my speech will improve even more!"

Mariama Diop

"I have improved my pronunciation with this course. I've noticed that people understand me much better... This course will help me find a job and meet more people."

Carlos Odreman

"This course gave me more confidence. Absolutely!"

Anita Howe , Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

"Helped me articulate my speech and improved my professional image."

Bernard Lin, SONY Music Entertainment

"Instructor logically explained how to make correct pronunciations."

"I feel much more confidence pronouncing lots of English words, which [before] I was not able to pronounce correctly."

"I especially improved my "L" sound. Before taking this class, I did not know how to pronounce it."

Mr. Ito Takenaga, Rockefeller Group Telecommunications Services, Inc.

"The explanations of how to pronounce some words and rhythms helped me. No teachers had taught me this before!"

"I've noticed. People don't ask me to repeat myself as often!"

KT, native Japanese speaker