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2 vowel sounds: “Lucky Mother” and “Honest Father”

Lucky mother is the nickname we use for the first vowel in both lucky and mother.  Honest Father is the nickname we use for the first vowel as pronounced in American English in both honest and father

Why do we use nicknames for the vowel sounds?  

The reason is simple!  Very often the vowel LETTERS and the vowel SOUNDS don’t correspond.  By using a nickname for the vowel sound, it is clear which SOUND we are talking about!

For the lucky mother vowel, the jaw is lowered halfway, with the mouth half-open.  The lips are unrounded.  

Here are more words with the lucky mother vowel:

cup, dust, month, one, love.

The honest father vowel is pronounced with the jaw lowered fully.  The mouth is wide open.  The lips are unrounded.  

Here are some more words with the honest father vowel:

shock, top, hot, calm, lock.

The vowels are critical for mastering clear English pronunciation. Confident Speech specializes in accent and pronunciation training. For more information about our training programs, explore our web site or contact us.