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Maintaining a Healthy Voice

We all depend on our voice and speech. Without a healthy voice, we are handicapped in our ability to communicate.

With healthy vocal cords we can speak with a strong smooth voice. However, when the vocal cords are strained or damaged, this ability is impaired. It is possible to have chronic or even permanent damage to the vocal cords.

Abusing the voice is one of the most common ways of damaging the vocal cords. Screaming, constantly talking with a loud voice, and speaking too low or too high in pitch can strain the vocal cords. In an environment like a loud night club or restaurant, the voice can be damaged as we use a loud voice to make ourselves heard. We also use our voices when we laugh. It's natural! Don't exaggerate your laughter with excessive loudness or uncharacteristically high pitch.

The vocal cords have an important biological function. They protect the airway from liquids, secretions, and other substances. It’s a natural reflex to cough. When we cough, the vocal cords may come together quite forcefully. Constant, forceful coughing or throat clearing can harm the vocal cords. Try to manage your cough. Keep it gentle! Try your best to avoid contagious respiratory infections and to keep your allergies under control. If necessary, seek medical help.

Maintain healthy vocal chords by using a voice that is easy and without effort or strain. If you have a stressful speaking situation, take a moment to prepare. Do some simple head rolls, and say a few vowels at different pitch levels to warm up your voice. Good posture helps us achieve adequate breath support for speaking. The best way to breathe while speaking is to use the diaphragm and the muscles of the abdomen. As you breathe in and out, you should feel the abdomen go in and out.

Speaking is vital to our lives. At Confident Speech we’ll teach you the optimal ways to use your voice. After all, your voice has to last you a lifetime!

Confident Speech specializes in accent and pronunciation training. For more information about our training programs, explore our web site or contact us.