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Our 2019 training programs will improve your English pronunciation and communication skills. You’ll sound professional and natural, and you’ll feel confident knowing that you convey your message with clarity and impact.

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Unexpected Pronunciations.

If you learned English as a second language, you may have learned many new words by reading them. If you try to guess the correct pronunciation, you will very often be correct…but not always! You will encounter many unexpected pronunciations.

Some words are pronounced just the way you would expect:
stove, drove, dove, clove, grove
They all have the same vowel sound.

However, these words do not follow the expected pattern:
love, above, dove, move

Not one of these words is pronounced with the same vowel sound as in the first group of words.

Maid, paid, and braid are pronounced just as we might expect, all with the same vowel. But said and plaid have pronunciations that do not follow the pattern.  

English is full of pronunciation surprises.  At Confident Speech, you teach you to recognize these unexpected pronunciations. Watch our tutorial video to hear more examples.  

Why is the English /r/ so difficult?

The /r/ sound, as we pronounce it in English can be a challenge. Think of it as a special kind of vowel sound. And above all, avoid letting any part of your tongue make contact with your gums, your palate, or the back of your mouth. For specific tongue and lip placement, see our 3-minute video lesson.

Two vowels to master: "Too soon!" and "Good book"

Here are two vowel sounds that are often confused by people whose first language is not English: the too soon vowel (as in “moon,” “tooth,” and “blue”) and the good book vowel (as in “look,” “foot,” and “put.”).

Most people can easily hear the difference, but it can be difficult sometimes to know when and how to pronounce the two sounds correctly.

Do you want to learn more? Click below to watch our 4-minute video lesson

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