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Speech tip: Communicating successfully in job interviews

Are you nervous about speaking well when you interview for a new job? 

If so, Confident Speech helps people like you every year!  If you have difficulty pronouncing some words in English, learn the correct pronunciation of key words you will be using in your new job. Of course, practice so that you won't mispronounce the name of your prospective employer or interviewer. Clear pronunciation is key, but there’s more!

Below, we share three additional job interviewing tips from  Corspan, (the Corporate Speech Pathology Network), an international organization whose mission is to promote improved communication skills in the workplace. 

To promote Better Hearing and Speech Month in May 2006, Corspan has published Guidelines for Productive Interviewing, by Dale Klein.  With permission, we have adapted and excerpted our choice of the top three tips for successful interviewing.

  1. Help the customer find what he or she is looking for.  Speak to your prospective employer as you would with a customer.  That means doing some advance preparation and being a good listener during the interview, so that you will know what their top needs and concerns are.  When you respond to questions, frame your answer in terms how the company will benefit from what you have to offer.  Tell them “what’s in it for them.”
  2. Picture yourself already working for this particular company.  Visualize yourself in the job, listen to the concerns of your prospective employer, and share how you would use your expertise to address these needs.
  3. Sell yourself and your skills.  This is your mission.  Never hesitate to sound confident about an accomplishment or skill you can offer to the employer.  Be prepared with several specific examples and anecdotes that clearly show how you have made positive contributions in the past. 

If you need help with communicating effectively in business, Confident Speech can be a valuable resource.  Call us at (212) 929-0384.