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10 Tips for Better Listening Habits

Speaking clearly is only half of communication. Listening effectively is the other half. Here are 10 tips for effective listening habits that can have a positive impact on communication in the workplace.

  1. Adopt a positive, encouraging, and open-minded attitude.

  2. Listen attentively so you can interpret, evaluate, and respond appropriately. To avoid interrupting the person who is speaking, have a note pad ready to jot down ideas.

  3. Nod your head and use facial expressions to acknowledge that you understand what is being said.

  4. Periodically summarize or paraphrase your understanding of what has been stated. This allows you to clarify the message and avoid future misunderstandings.

  5. Ask the speaker to clarify anything that is vague or unclear.

  6. Pose open-ended questions to learn as much as possible.

  7. Maintain consistent eye contact. If listening on the telephone, try to visualize the speaker in your mind.

  8. Grasp the total meaning: not just the information, but also, the feelings conveyed.

  9. Hold meetings in a quiet environment and away from telephones. Allow adequate time, and ignore distractions that cannot be eliminated.

  10. Contact a speech-language pathologist who specializes in training to enhance business communication. Valued employees may benefit from specialized training to help them communicate more effectively with customers, staff, and colleagues.

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